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Westlake Financial offers auto loans. This is a financial services company founded in 1988 and based in Los Angeles, CA. The services are available in 48 states (and Washington, DC).

Company name Westlake Financial
Founded 1988
Address 4751 Wilshire Blvd Ste 100 Los Angeles, CA
Phone number
(888) 739-9192
Email  Unknown (contact form available)


  • Easy online application
  • Network of over 30,000 dealerships
  • No fee for paying your loan early
  • Current and previous bankruptcies accepted
  • No minimum income needed
  • Deferment program if you’re facing financial hardship
  • No limit on vehicle age or mileage
  • One due date change allowed


  • Not a direct lender
  • A loan origination fee
  • A late payment penalty fee
  • Limited loan information available online
  • Multiple complaints and negative reviews on the BBB
  • A fee for some forms of payment

Bottom line

Westlake Financial does not provide loans directly but it could be a good option to compare auto loan options offers and find the best one.

Types of loans

Westlake Financial offers 4 auto loan options:

  • New car loans;
  • Used car loans;
  • Motorcycle loans;
  • Car loan refinancing.

Exact loan amounts, rates and terms of loans vary by lender.

Loan requirements

Westlake Financial doesn’t mention specific eligibility requirements but you will likely need to meet the following requirements at a minimum:

  • US citizen or permanent resident;
  • At least 18 years old;
  • Steady source of income.

To qualify, you may need to upload the following papers:

  • Recent pay stubs;
  • Proof of citizenship or residence permit;
  • Driver’s license.

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Westlake Financial Reviews

I’ve never had a problem with them either I’ve always been very nice and respectful answer my questions matter fact when I came down with Covid even worked with me and understood that I’ve been sick and lost my job so I did not get no late penalties I have no complaints with him
- Jessica wiggen

worse finance company ever the supervisor hung on me mid conversation and never called back
- monique

I was told by my car dealer that the loan would be for three years. Three years is up in September and I still over owe over 6k. And the car is a 2013! I also asked one of the reps if I could change the date for payment because it was difficult to pay my rent and the loan close to the same date. She informed me that it had to stay on the original date of the agreement. Also what is that annoying chat window that never goes away when you are trying to make a payment on their website???
- Karen McFadden

They will hang up in your face , This bank doesn't even deserve a star . Awful customer service and what's worse is that they seriously have NO IDEA about anything , They will feed you lies , stay as far away as you can .
- Alexis Moore

AWFUL ...worst customer service I have ever seen , They will hang up right in your face .
- Alexis Moore

please dont make the mistake of getting involved with this bank, Financed my first car through them and it has been awful , double payments occuered on my account , I called for a refund , Got hung up on after they would try and argue with me because none of them were saying the same things , They were quick to take that payment off as an extra month paid though lol , Just awful honestly , Stay away .
- Alexis Moore

These people have provided the worst customer service. Their expectations of professional customer service must be very low. I financed my car through them. When it was close to time to make my payment and had received nothing in the mail, I called and had the worst customer service ever. When I explained to the rep that I did not have an account number he refused to look up my account any other way and transferred me without my consent to another department. The rep told me in a very ugly tone that maybe next time I would provide him with an account number. When I called back and asked for a supervisor, that rep did not want to connect me to a supervisor; I waited on hold for 4 minutes and never did get to talk to a supervisor. I am getting rid of them as soon as I can.
- Pamela Boyd

The customer service is not helpful at all. I have been waiting 3 months while I have called more than 10 times to get an issue resolved. They are quick to take the money however when they owe you money they do not pay
- Jacqueline Murray

This company doesn’t even deserve one star it’s -5. 1st of all I purchased a car and financed it through them in December and it is June - and I still don’t have my title or release of lien. Talking to anyone who’s not attitudinal about getting that title or lien and asking - no begging for help is of little avail. There’s no supervisor that anyone can talk to and there’s no legal department for anyone to talk to. Do no use this company - if that’s what you can call it. Most like scam artist.
- Holly Davis

- Albert Carmouche

I have been with them for 7 years because they approve people with low credit scores and high interest rates that leave you paying them for years. Don’t do it ! It’s a scam they only care about money not helping people. I will never do service with them again I’m just advocating so others know not to do it . Do your research I was young and I am first generation I didn’t know what I know now. Dealerships don’t care about you too.
- Diana

Do you want to get harassing phone calls and spam emails? If you do, then Westlake Financial is the right lender for you! You can try and block their phone number but it won't work. They have called 10 times per day. So tired of it!!! Never use their services!
- Darci Wright

I don’t know why others are complaining. I’ve had financial problems in the past and they were able to give me a 3 deferrals. Customer service was ok, i never had an issue. Only sad thing is that they don’t always respond to emails. Otherwise a nice company!
- Samuel Clouse

Their rates are extremely high and the lady on the phone was very rude. I had a question but she just hang up!!! I'll never apply for a loan with Westlake Financial again!
- Jane Daily

- Judith Knight

I had a loan with Westlake Financial. I’ve worked very hard to improve my credit and have made timely payments every month, but after 3 months payment I’ve not seen a debt reduction. This is very dishonest! This is a joke. I’m very very disappointed and this lender should be ashamed of how they treat clients. Stay away from them!
- John Lujan

They are robbers! They only want take all your money. They screw up your credit. That is how they work. As soon as you sign docs with them you will became their slave.
- Ada McDougle

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