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Online Payday Personal Consumer Loans up to $5,000

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Wells Fargo has rich experience in provision of financial products. It was founded by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A in 1852. It offers various financial products that may help solve many financial issues.

Company name Wells Fargo
Founded 1852
Address Unknown
Phone number (877) 526-6332
Email Unknown


  • FDIC member
  • Improvement of credit score
  • Equal Housing Lender


  • Increased APR
  • Investment is not insured by the FDIC or Any Federal Government Agency

Bottom Line

Wells Fargo offers financial products for a great period of time. Investment and Insurance Products are not Insured by the FDIC or Any Federal Government Agency. It belongs to an equal housing lender.

Types of Loans

Wells Fargo offers the following financial products:

  • accounts and services;
  • mortgage loans;
  • personal loans;
  • student loans;
  • auto loans;
  • credit cards.


This company sets the following requirements to qualify for a loan online:

  • your social security number;
  • contact details, including a permanent address, email and phone number;
  • employment and income; documentation may be required to verify this information;
  • monthly mortgage or rent payment amount.

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Wells Fargo Reviews

I was scammed out of $600 through my Wells Fargo account I reached out to WF to help me get my money back WF told me that there was nothing that they could do. Times are hard I need my money to find somewhere to stay.
- Derek Batres

This bank offers inadequate and inaccurate services. In addition, this bank has to save that 1 extra hour and close at 4…as a busy business. I will be closing all my accounts and going elsewhere. Unbelievable how this huge corporate monstrosity can provide so little shameful.
- Jamie Looney

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