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Online Payday Personal Consumer Loans up to $5,000

Easy Application, Fast Processing, Quick Approval, Any Credit Score

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Upstart is an online lending platform that connects borrowers and investors to several lending partners who offer personal loans online. It offers loans ranging between $1,000 and $50,000 to borrowers with fair credit, excellent credit and even no credit. Most loan decisions are automated and use artificial intelligence.

Company name Upstart Network, Inc.
Founded 2012
Address P.O. Box 1503. San Carlos, CA 94070
Phone number 1-855-438-8778



  • Great option for online borrowers
  • Streamlined approval and application process
  • High maximum loan amount
  • Borrowing flexibility in how you spend your loan proceeds
  • Considers education and area of study for approval
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Automated investing feature
  • Works with fair credit and no credit
  • Good for college graduates
  • Payment dates modification allowed
  • Fast funding potentially as soon as one business day
  • Checking your rate on Upstart will not affect your credit score


  • No physical branches
  • A minimum FICO score of 620 needed
  • High maximum APR of 35.99%
  • High average APR of 20% on a three-year loan
  • Up to 8% origination fee
  • Lackluster rates for top-tier credit
  • Loans are not available to Iowa or West Virginia residents
  • Minimum annual income of $12,000 to qualify
  • Does not offer mortgage loans
  • Co-signers are not accepted

Bottom line

Upstart’s rates are affordable and their loans cab used for various purposes. However, this lender will not be suitable for you if you need a personal communication – the company has no branches across the country. Upstart personal loans are good for you live in one of the states other than Iowa or West Virginia, if you have fair credit or limited credit history, if you don’t mind paying an origination fee, and if you want fast access to money and prefer the entire process to be done online.

Types of loans

Upstart only offers personal loans that can be used for almost everything, including:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Medical bills
  • Business startup or expansion
  • Higher education
  • Large purchases
  • Home improvements
  • Moving
  • Travel

Upstart loan requirements

The lender has a minimum FICO credit score requirement of 620. In some cases, the company is able to approve some borrowers in the fair credit range and borrowers with no credit history. To qualify, you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old, or 19 if you live in Nebraska or Alabama;
  2. Live in a state other than West Virginia or Iowa;
  3. Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident unless you’re on active duty in the military, in which case you do not need to live in the U.S.
  4. Have an active personal bank account;
  5. Have a valid email account and Social Security number;
  6. Have verifiable employment or a full-time job offer that starts in six months or less (minimum annual income of $12,000)

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Upstart Reviews

My name is Jennifer Nolan I live in the United kingdom, Manchester and am I a happy woman today? I told myself that any loan lender who could change my life and that of my family would recommend them to anyone looking for a loan. If you need a loan , contact them via email: b a r r y m o r e l o a n s 1 2 @ g m a i l. c o m
- sharon coolidge

Upstart helped me when I really needed to make home improvements. My score was fair but they approved me for a small loan. I would borrow from them again because they really care about people! I have already paid off this loan and it was a nice experience. 5 stars!!!
- Theodore Davis

Never again will I use Upstart loans. They are terrific. Last year I took out a personal loan of $7000. At the end of application process I saw that I will be paying them $4000 extra in addition to the $7000... That’s a laugh! Their interest rates are VERY high.
- Richard Anderson

Sky high interest (you borrow $9000, you get $8,600 cash, you pay back $9000 plus additional $6000 if you pay it back at once on time.
- Jetta Benner

The loan rates were fair. They offered three different payment schedules for the amount I needed. The process was fast and it was quite easy.
- Jake Martin

Excellent, quick process that helped me pay medical bills with an emergency situation!
- George Pollock

I needed a small loan to consolidate my debts. Upstart approved my application in less than 24 hours. The entire process was awesome!
- Roy Booth

They withdraw monthly payments automatically out of your account regardless of your financial situation. Find someone else.
- Steven Ferrari

The best borrowing experience ever! Every person I spoke with were professional, friendly and informative. I really enjoyed working with Upstart!
- Young Langley

No fees for repaying loan early, easy to use site and great options such as having your entire payment schedule which enables you to see how and when you are to make payments.
- Maureen Alston

Took out loan, the process was extremely easy and fast. I love their website, it is easy to understand and so easy to work. I like that they respond to my email quickly, I never encountered a rude manager everyone was friendly. If I ever need another loan I will use this lender again.
- Paul Trammell

Their customer’s service is horrible. It takes forever to get a response from them.
- Rosa Morales

Getting a loan was faster than I thought it could be. Only a few minutes. Very easy, I am happy to be their client.
- Ruth Handy

Horrible experience, they will offer you a good rate then increase it with no reason making excuses! If they offer you a loan, RUNNN!!!
- Traci Cox

The entire process was as easy as possible. The application process was online and transparent, and they were very responsive through the entire process.
- Nicole Lowe

I have excellent credit, still I had sky high rates! Will never use them again! Search for others who care about their clients!
- Michael Conner

The application process was so easy and fast and any time I had a question, it was easy to contact them. All their managers were friendly and helpful.
- Michael Lefler

Upstart is not a good company. They withdraw your payments before the due date and this affects your bank account! My bank account was put into the negative because they took their payment on the 7th when it was do on the 9th. Worst experience. I would never recommend them to you. Stay away from this business!!
- Timothy Brodeur

So much of what you pay goes to the lender’s pockets and not your balance!
- Catherine Rohrbach

They seem to never going to stop emailing me!!! I already told them many times that their services are NOT needed !!! They do not care!!!
- George Cunningham

They advertise they are a debt consolidation company... but they denied me and 2 of my colleagues due to having debts? WRONG ADVERTISING AND WASTE OF TIME!
- Hazel Speight

Quick and easy application! Fast funding! Only downside was having to ask my HR department to verify employment.
- Jacob Hill

Average lender. A high credit score doesn't matter here. Even a good credit will not help you get a better rate. Won’t use them again…
- Darren Brown

Ease of application, money immediately in account, no penalty for early repayment..
- Nancy Starks

Upstart's rate was fair, the website is easy to use. Great job. I've already had 4 loans with them. They also don't mind if you just need a short term loan of 3 months etc.
- Kyle Carstensen

I got denied even though they advertise bad credit or no credit! Waste of time!
- Jennifer Champagne

If you are late with your payment, they will automatically withdraw the funds without notice!!! So angry!!!
- Nicole Jackson

My loan was $1,500 and fee was $250 so I only got $1,250 but they still want me to repay $1,500 + interest! Worst experience! Do not use them!
- Nancy Johnson

The worst company I have ever dealt with. They asked me to send out so much paperwork!!! Compare to other lenders, it’s the worst customer service.
- Karen Sheppard

Always check the fine print (especially about no prepayment penalty) before you accept the terms and rates. They DO charge interest on a balance that is paid early!!! BEWARE!
- Scott Thomas

Had a great experience with Upstart. I paid off my loan early and managed to cut down on interest. It was a very convenient and fast process. The person I spoke with was very helpful and professional.
- David Story

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