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Online Payday Personal Consumer Loans up to $5,000

Easy Application, Fast Processing, Quick Approval, Any Credit Score

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Tower Loan is a privately-owned finance company that was founded in 2936. Today, it has over 230 branch offices in Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois, and Alabama. The company offers various loan types.

Company name Tower Loan
Founded 1936
Address 420 Liberty Ct, Flowood, MS 39232
Phone number
(601) 992-2299
Email  Unknown (contact form available)


  • Apply in person or over the phone
  • Easy online application
  • Works with bad credit
  • Multiply usage options
  • Auto-payment option
  • Working since 1936
  • 230 locations to serve you locally


  • Do not disclose rates and terms
  • Bad reputation
  • Limited availability

Bottom line

Tower Loan offers help in covering unexpected expenses – like home improvement, medical bill, auto repairs, a vacation, wedding, gradua-tion, debt consolidation. They work with bad credit and you have high chances of getting approved. However, the lender has a poor reputa-tion on the web and we recommend that you think twice before signing any papers with this company. If you still decide for apply for a loan through, please read your loan agreement very carefully.

Types of loans

Tower Loan offers the followingproducts:

  • Online Loans;
  • Personal Loans;
  • Vacation Loans;
  • Installment Loans;
  • Home Improvement Loans/

Loan requirements

To get approved, you will need to comply with the following re-quirements:

  1. Be a US citizen or legal resident;
  2. Be 18+ years of age (19+ in Alabama);
  3. Live in one of the states where Tower Loan operates;
  4. Be employed or have a regular source of income;
  5. Have a valid email address and a savings/checking account in your name.

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Tower Loan Reviews

they are great
- Tasha wilson

I have never seen a lender like Tower Loan before. Yes I'm a bit late with my payment but still trying to pay. They harassed me so bad. They are horrible people who threaten you with court. And they do not keep your personal information safe. If you need a loan please find another company. This is a real nightmare. Never use them again!
- Curtis Marrero

If I could rate Tower Loan 0 stars, I would. This is one of the most unprofessional lender. They will harass you without listening to your explanation. They also will tell you very disgusting things when you tell that you will be late with your payment for a few days. HATE THEM!!!
- Jason McBride

I hope we will spread the word about this horrible Tower Loan! They are rude and unprofessional. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN!
- Fernando Rosenthal

NEVER USE THEM! I have never been treated in my life like these people have treated me.
- Ryan Boles

Tower Loan is the worst lender. They will harass you if you are late with your payment just for once, and they have suspicious business practices. I was late on my payment because my husband got sick and was not able to work. They did not care. Finally, I was able to cancel the debt. However, even after that, they still harass me and call 10 times a day!!! They also send me text messages from different numbers. I'm goinf to get a lawyer to stop this shit, because they won't leave us alone, even though I repaid my loan in full 11 months ago.
- Fritz Kaye

They are criminals who take advantage of other people. They will take your last penny! Their employees are rude and deceptive.
- Catherine Wilson

They approved me for a $500 loan and said the funds would be in my account soon. It’s 4 days and I have not received the money as of yet. I needed this money urgently!
- Richard Smith

I wish I could give them 0 stars!!! Please Beware of Tower Loan. Find another company to apply for a loan!! I had a small issue and I've never been talked to so rudely in my life!!! So disappointed!
- Lois Gonzalez

This lender is horrible and very unprofessional. The managers call and harass you all the time. They want you to miss your payment so they charge extra fees.
- Paul Burke

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