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Online Payday Personal Consumer Loans up to $5,000

Easy Application, Fast Processing, Quick Approval, Any Credit Score

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TheGuaranteedLoans is not a direct lender but a referral service through which you may issue any offered financial product. This service allows you to request extra money from $100 up to $5,000.

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  • Not a direct lender
  • Bad credit possible
  • No fees
  • All states served
  • Huge loan amount: up to $5,000s


  • Rates – up to 25-30%
  • Increased APR and interest rates

Bottom line

TheGuaranteedLoans is not a direct lender. It provides an access to lending services that offer certain financial products. It offers to issue loans starting from $200. The maximim amount is $5,000. The loan may be approved even if you unemployed. This service is not available in District of Columbia.

Types of loans

TheGuaranteedLoans offers to issue:

  • title loans;
  • online loans;
  • payday loans;
  • personal loans;
  • installment loans;
  • business loans.


Among the documents, you have to provide a bank statement and payslips. If you have no problems with a credit rating/score, there will be no reason to deny a loan for you.

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Ordinary referral service!!!
- Christina Hargett

Won’t address this website anymore. I tries to contact a customer support team but never reached it. Disappointed!
- Samuel Roose

The service is reliable enough to issue a short-term loan. I applied and coped with temporary financial problems.
- Kevin Pua

With a credit score as low as mine, the service managed to get me a $2,500 loan in no time. I am very grateful.
- Noel Johnson

TheGuaranteedLoans has gained huge trust in the financial industry because of offering high-quality online lending matching services.
- Teresa Reese

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