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Online Payday Personal Consumer Loans up to $5,000

Easy Application, Fast Processing, Quick Approval, Any Credit Score

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Payday Now Loans is your source for easy, convenient and speedy payday cash advances. You can get your funds fast and easily. To borrow cash, you need to simply write the company a personal check and they give you funds quickly. Payday Now Loans have convenient locations in Colorado. You can get the money you need on the spot.

Company name Payday Now Loans
Founded Unknown
Address 12124 E Mississippi Ave Aurora, CO 80012
Phone number
Payday Now Loans site


  • A direct lender
  • The website is easy to use and navigate
  • An extensive network of lenders
  • Easy online application
  • Apply and get approval quickly
  • Fast payout


  • Not a direct lender
  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • The APRs may be high
  • You must have an income from employment
  • For Colorado residents only

Bottom line

Payday Now Loans seems a safe and convenient way to take out a payday loan. The website is easy to navigate, and you can receive the money remotely and quickly. Keep in mind that the interest rates are typically higher than those offered by banks or credit unions. The key downside is that eligibility criteria are stricter than usual. Use this service as a last resort only.

Types of loans

The company offers payday loans only. Their loans range from $200 – $400, in $100 increments. Loan payments will be set up based on your payday, usually starting on your next payday.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for a payday loan through, you must comply with the following eligibility criteria:

  • 6 Months in a Permanent position
  • Direct Deposit from your employer into your Checking Account for 1 month
  • $1600/mo gross pay
  • Must be at least 21 years old

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Payday Now Loans Reviews

average loan company
- Dandre Corkery

Borrowed from twice. no issues. yes, their loans are quite expensive, but i was ready for that
- Natasha Kub

Their employees are not friendly at all. Also, unlike other payday loan providers, PayDay Now Loans does check your credit. They do not perform a hard pull, but they do verify your address, name & derogatory accounts which will affect the lending decision. I recommend using this place only as your last resort since there are other payday loan companies that are more professional and friendly. Besides, their requirements are not easy to meet.
- German Daugherty

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