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NerdWallet is a popular personal finance website in the U.S. that helps consumers make more informed financial decisions. The company compares different financial products and services available from banks, insurance com-panies, lenders, and other financial services. The website provides various educational tools and useful editorial content. They do not offer any loans directly but connect you to multiply lenders from their network.

Company name NerdWallet, Inc.
Founded 2009
Address 875 Stevenson Street FL 5 San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone number (415) 549-8913



  • Compares offers from multiply lenders
  • Useful editorial content and tools
  • Good mobile apps


  • Not a lender
  • Sends spam emails and unwanted credit card offers
  • APR and loan amounts vary by lender

Bottom line

NerdWallet compares rates from multiple lenders add learn more about personal loans. Here you can also calculate loan payments at a range of interest rates and amounts so you’ll have a pretty clear idea of what you are getting involved into. So, it is pretty okay for general information.

Products and services

Being not a lender, Nerdwallet connects applicants to lenders that are best for different situation. Their partners are able to offer different financial products, including credit cards, investing, loans, banking, and insurance. Their loan types include mortgage loans, student loans, personal loans,etc.

Loan requirements

Loan requirements vary from lender to lender. In general, you must meet the following eligibility criteria to get a loan though the NerdWallet platform:

  1. Be a US citizen or legal resident;
  2. Be at least 18 years old (19 in Alabama; 21 in Mississippi and Puerto Rico);
  3. Have a valid U.S. bank account, Social Security number or tax ID;
  4. Have 660+ credit score.

Credit score and income requirements vary among lenders. Some lenders approve only borrowers with good credit, while others will work with bad-credit or no credit.

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NerdWallet Reviews

Their recommendations are SCAMS! They suggested a website to supposedly upload personal documents securely. Right after I did it, I found unauthorized charges from that lender. BEWARE!!!!!
- Margit Bowles

I used NerdWallet to find a lender for a student loan. They compared all of the possible options and provided all the info I needed. It helped me make the right choice.
- Charles McGlothin

Beware! Once you give them your contact details, you will be flooded with thousands of credit card ads, emails, calls, ect. They get all their money from their partners! Stay away!
- Christopher Powell

I have not taken any loans with Nerwallet but I have had several questions and participated in their forums. They provided excellent customer service every time. They seem real competent people.
- Mellie Hanlin

This used to be a useful site to find the best loan offers. Now it just connects consumers to its advertisers.
- Janet Johnston

Great help. A lot of useful information about loans and other financial services. Wonderful loan recommendations.
- Sheldon Abney

Just another internet swindler making cash from pay per click. Don't use their website. Tried all their suggestions for personal loans and none worked. So disappointed! Then read all those negative reviews and you will see they are waste of time!
- Amanda Rodriguez

Stay away from Nerdwallet! They do falls claims about lending businesses that pay them to decieve consumers and steal personal information. The landers from their network are paying good money to Nerdwallet just to misliding people!
- Laura Rodgers

I would give 0 stars if I could. If you have credit score below 750-800, you are denied. Waste of time and false advertisement! Avoid!!!
- David Childers

It's an information platform. They don'y help you in any way other than provide your information about loans. If you make some research you will see that they are subsidiaries of banks with bad ratings.
- Marti Fowler

Not impressed with the service. Information given on the site is outdated and/or inaccurate.
- Cory Wimberly

Was really nice to compare my options for a personal loan based on my needs. Applied for a loan with a lender NerdWallet suggested. Rates and terms were ideal for me. Will use this service again if I need some money urgently.
- Frederick Hall

Literally a scam, saw their advertisement on YouTube. Would not recommned to use them.
- Inez Lange

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