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Online Payday Personal Consumer Loans up to $5,000

Easy Application, Fast Processing, Quick Approval, Any Credit Score

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LoanMe is an online small business and personal loan provider that offers loans from $600 to $250,000. The business was founded in 2013. The process is fast and easy and you may even have cash deposited into your checking account in a few hours! The lender guarantees fixed monthly payments and no pre-payment penalties.

Company name LoanMe
Founded 2013
Address 1900 S. State College Boulevard, Suite 300, Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone number
(833) 388-3265


  • Apply online in less than 5 minutes
  • Receive funds within a day
  • Large loan amounts
  • Small business or personal loans
  • Poor credit accepted
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Super long loan terms
  • California-based borrowers have “worry-free guarantee
  • $0 prepayment fee
  • Reports to credit bureaus to help improve credit history
  • Rewards repeat borrowers


  • High APRs
  • Origination fees of up to 33%
  • Charges a late fee of up to $15
  • No co-sign option
  • Only one loan at a time is permitted
  • Only available in 30 states

Bottom line

LoanMe offers personal and small business loans at competitive interest rates to customers with poor or good credit histories. Their application process is quick, and they do not charge loan early repayment fees. This lender could be a nice option for people or businesses who need fast cash. However, if you can’t afford to repay a loan within a specified frame, then your loan may turn out very expensive.

Types of loans

LoanMe offers only 2 types of loans: personal loans and small business loans. Personal loan amounts range from $600 to $100,000, and small business loan amounts range from $3,500 to $250,000. Personal loans are used for various purposes like special purchases, home improvement projects, weddings, debt consolidation, unexpected expenses or similar purposes.

Loan requirements

To get a LoanMe personal loan, you will need to provide just three documents:

  1. Proof of valid ID showing you are over 18;
  2. Bank statement;
  3. Proof of income.

To qualify for a LoanMe business loan you must:

  1. Be 21 or older;
  2. Have a credit score of at least 500;
  3. Have a business bank account;
  4. Have a business that’s been operating for at least 2 months;
  5. Run a for-profit business.

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LoanMe Reviews

I repaid a loan early but they still charged me a 30% extra fee on the amount I borrowed to make it seem it's not an early payment fee.
- Annie Allen

It was in a desparate situation. Requested $13,000, but they gave me $11,000. But the first payment was $1600, but it was supposed to be $1100.
- Tracy Henry

Not a bad experience, but there were some issues - they requested some papers ast minute - that was inconvenient. It seemed strange to me that I needed to upload that additional documents.
- James Book

Needed a $35,000 loan, and they only gave me $7000. Besides, they approved me for a short term with extremely high interest rates. Never use them. Waste of time.
- Thelma Griffin

I was experiencing a cash crunch and was going to take a business loan LoanMe. Their interest rate was extremely high (70%) due to my limited credit history. I refused a loan.
- Scott Johnson

Do not mess up with LoanMe. They are dishonest. I had a loan with them. I paid $2700 and they told they would send me a receipt. Never received it. They then claimed I still owed them those $2700 plus the actual amount I owed. I contacted then immediately and I repaid the loan. I don’t trust them!!! BEWARE!
- Scott Johnson

These guys are loan sharks! I got an interest rate of 135%!!!
- Elizabeth Davis

If you need money fast, contact LoanMe. Their loan application is fast and simple. Once approved you will have money in your account in a few hours. They are the best, that is why I will surely use them again!
- Toni Berardi

This lender was very efficient and the entire process was trouble free. Everything can be done online and I love it. I will definitely recommend LoanMe to my friends. I had financial difficulties and they came to the rescue.
- Stan Grow

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