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Online Payday Personal Consumer Loans up to $5,000

Easy Application, Fast Processing, Quick Approval, Any Credit Score

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First Federal is a connection service that works by matching the user with the right lender from their extensive network of legit lender. Using this website, you can get access to fast cash around the clock even if you have poor credit. offers small loan amounts and instant processing. If approved for a loan, you should expect to have the money in your account within 24 business hours or even the same day you apply

Company name First Federal
Founded Unknown
Address 8811 Greenfield Rd, Detroit, MI 48228
Phone number +1 (888) 612-5903

First Federal website


  • Wide range of reputable lenders
  • Free to apply
  • Bad credit is OK
  • Apply online 24/7
  • Relaxed eligibility criteria
  • Same-day funding
  • Loans up to $2,500
  • Safe website
  • Multiple loan options


  • Not a direct lender
  • APR may be high
  • Not available in some states

Bottom Line is a great connection service that partners with direct lenders in the following locations. This could be a great way of finding the best lender for your individual money needs. The service partner exclusively with legit lenders and accepts bad credit. But remember that payday loans can be used for short-term financial problems. Do not take any obligations if you are are sure you will be able to pay off your loan on time.

Types of Loans

First Federal helps consumers get the following types of loans:

  • payday loans – payday loans are short-term loans (up to $1,000) that you pay off on the day you get paid or close to this date (typically 1-3 weeks);
  • installment loans – installment loans (up to $2,500) are repaid over time (months or years) with set equal payments;
  • bad credit loans – bad credit loans (up to $1,000) are designed for consumers with a credit report that’s less than perfect, or who have no credit history.


To qualify for a loan with, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. be at least 18 years old;
  2. be a US citizen or US resident;
  3. be employed and have a steady income;
  4. have a valid checking account in your name;
  5. have a valid email address and phone number.

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First Federal Reviews

I was very pleased with the service. I had a situation where I needed $750 and they were very welcoming, knowledgeable and speedy. Great experience!!
- James Cedeno

For me, I think FirstFederal is very helpful site to people who need a loan right away. They provide fast cash to solve any types of emergencies.
- William Valentin

Excellent application process, kept me informed throughout. Payments are taken as informed. Reliable company, would use again.
- Anonymous

Absolutely amazing website for payday loans, my family and I are using for long time now.
- Howard Maxwell

A very easy and fast way to make a loan online, no lines and it takes up to 5 minutes to finish it. Good job. Although loans are quite expensive if you have bad credit. But i expected that…
- Jon Jones

The company has a good network of trustworthy lenders and very honest. Given the chance I will definitely recommend them to anyone who is facing emergency expenses.
- Robert Cortinas

I will continue to use their payday loans they are very kind and prompt and they helped me when I needed cash to pay my rent.
- Nathan Gibson

It is the best website and the easiest way to solve various emergencies and borrowing money. I like it because they are understanding and offer online loans for people even with poor credit.
- Peter McDonald

Applying for a payday loan has never been so easy. This is perfect for those who need extra cash immediately. I would definitely recommend this website.
- Linda Adams

i think first-federal loan services are good and legit. instant approval and very friendly person who assist you thoughout the process.
- David Smith

The website looks safe and professional, all the details are well organized. I can say this website is really user-friendly.
- Janice Chambers

This is the easiest payday loan to get. Very fast and easy. Have been a customer for over three years and it is great to know if I need a couple hundred dollars First Federal is there to help!
- Clifford Jorge

Always let’s me have short-term loans, never had an issue with them and I think I’ve been with them for five years now.
- Hope Adams

I needed $800 the same day as my car had broken down and I was stuck on the road. I applied online and had the funds in my account within an hour, so a payday loan from saved me from been stuck.
- Mildred Silva

Approvals are fast and easy. Funding is also super quick! They are super friedly and understanding. They also give you extra cash for renewing at times which is cool!
- Courtney Dominguez

they came through for me during a tough financial restraint. no issues or complaints.
- Robert Hayward

I just got approved for a $1,000 loan. The team also promised that they will transfer the money into my account within 30 minutes. Happy.
- Ronald Smith

First Federal is an ideal site for those who are looking for urgent financial assistance. They are very professional and will guide you in the right direction. Use this site if you don’t want to waste your time with tiresome and unnecessary applications. Their processes are quick and they will help you get the funds you need for whatever purposes. Try them out.
- Ina Bell

Easy process to go through. Approval was so fast I couldn’t believe it. Finished the application and received the money the following day (although advertised same day funding), but it was ok. Can recommend this company.
- Clay Davis

I think that is the ideal choice for people who urgently need extra cash. They always respond to my requests so quickly. This is a real help, which is available to everyone day and night.
- Ruth Rice

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