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Credit Karma is a finance website that offers free tools and services to consumers and provides credit scores and credit reports. The company designed its financial education resources to help people better understand and manage their finances.

Company name Credit Karma, Inc.
Founded 2007
Address P.O. Box 520, San Francisco, CA 94104-0520
Phone number
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  • Credit Karma’s services are free
  • Fast funding
  • Simple user experience
  • Compare offers from our 20+ lender partners
  • Get a truly free credit score
  • Financial education resources
  • No hidden costs or obligations
  • Great mobile apps


  • Not a lender
  • May not be 100% accurate

Bottom line

Credit Karma does not issue any loans but may help you compare loan offers from 20+ lenders and choose the one that suits you most. Besides, it offers credit scores and reports. And its tools may be useful for people looking to improve their finances.

Types of loans

Credit Karma is not a lender but may help you compare offers from over 20 licensed lenders.

You can use this website to apply for:

  • personal loans (range from around $1,500 to $100,000, with repayment terms of 12 to 84 months);
  • car loans;
  • home loans.

Also, through Credit Karma, you can apply for the following credit cards:

  • Balance transfer cards;
  • Reward cards;
  • Travel cards;
  • Cash back cards;
  • 0% APR cards;
  • Business cards;
  • Cards for fair credit;
  • Cards for bad credit.

The company earns a commission from these loan providers.

Eligibility criteria

To get approved for a loan with Credit Karma, you must typically:

  1. be at least 18 years;
  2. be a US citizen or permanent resident;
  3. have a good credit score;
  4. have a steady income;
  5. have a personal checking account.

Borrower eligibility requirements vary from lender to lender.

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Credit Karma Reviews

I’ve had this app for 5 years now. All it’s high time to delete it. It’s useless. The credit information is super inaccurate. I tried to contact their customer service but never got a response. I managed to get a loan that they say I wasn’t eligible for. Credit Karma’s app is outdated and no longer relevant.
- Susan Herman

This company sells your personal data whenever they see you’re trying to apply for a loan. They are actively using you to make money. It is better to find a bank or use Experian directly for checking your credit.
- Donald Kennedy

They helped me find the most affordable personal loan. Great site!
- Amanda Pierre

They do a great job most of the time. But there’s too much automation and it feels like you’re not actually dealing with humans.
- Diane Lawyer

Credit Karma’s a great way to check your credit scores. They have nice loan and credit card offers and advice on how to improve credit scores. But they only show scores from two of the credit bureaus and not all three bureaus.
- Lola Morris

When I use Credit Karma to see my credit score, it is never accurate. This makes me upset. But offers from lenders are actually looking great. Filling out the application is easy and fast, BUT it DOES hurt your credit. The APR is crazy high, monthly payments too. So, I quit this idea. It was a lie from the very beginning. Do not use them. Search elsewhere.
- Cruz Phillips

I have been using this website for over 10 years. I have never felt the need to use any alternative site. They are fairly accurate. I only wish they were more detailed on ways to improve your credit score.
- James Anderson

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