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Since 2016, Cash Factory USA has been providing access to long-term installment loans and payday loans in California, Idaho, Utah, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin, and Delaware. Their loans are deposited to borrowers’ checking accounts typically by the next business day. The company is licensed with the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI). The business is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cash Factory USA is not a lender in all states and loan approvals and amounts vary by state and lender.

Company name Cash Factory USA
Founded 2016
Address 101 Convention Center Dr Las Vegas, NV
Phone number

Cash Factory USA site


  • Free to use
  • Easy online process
  • Loan cancellation available
  • Loans funded as soon as today
  • Won’t affect your credit score
  • Extensive rate breakdown
  • Member of the CFSA


  • Not a direct lender in all states
  • Limited company information
  • Small amounts
  • Extremely high APRs
  • Not BBB accredited
  • Complaints detected
  • Only available in five states

Bottom line

As a short term lender, Cash Factory USA is 100% an expensive financing option. But on the other side, the lender has a good reputation and offers quick loan processing and funding. You can also cancel your loan without penalties. Overall, it is a great solution to unexpected financial problems if you live in one of the 8 eligible states and have no other way out.

Types of loans

Cash Factory USA offers payday loans (which the site refers to as short-term loans) and installment loans to residents of five states. You may be able to borrow between $100 and $1,000 depending on where you live, and terms last anywhere from a few weeks to six months.

Eligibility criteria

In order to get approved for a loan with Cash Factory USA , you must:

  1. be of legal age in your state;
  2. be a US citizen or a US permanent resident;
  3. reside in California, Idaho, Utah, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin, or Delaware;
  4. have an active bank account;
  5. have a steady income;
  6. have a valid phone number and email address.

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Cash Factory USA Reviews

I had a bad experience. I was told I had to repay a loan on June 20 but they took out the loan two days earlier!! I tried speaking to them but there was nothing they could do!!! Never again
- Leticia Guillot

I’m very happy with this lender. The only downside is that they lend you a certain quantity. This isn’t based on your wages as they state it is. I have worked with different lenders and had gotten higher amounts I’d qualified for.
- Donna Leonard

I’ve been a customer for many decades. Their staff is always friendly and professional. Their process is easy and fast. I have not had any issues which sometimes happen with loan companies. While I need a small loan, I won’t go anyplace besides
- Lula Jacobs

I was in a desperate position so i was had to get a loan from these scammers. If you want to pay insane interest rates and you are desperate enough then go ahead, apply with Cash Factory!! In fact, they do not help but r*pe us and rob us blind. they are taking advantage of people!!! STAY AWAY!!!
- Floyd Watts

Awful service! the manager lied on a recorded line. He told me one amount and then told another amount once i signed the contract!!
- Martin Jones

This is a great company to borrow from, however, i wish they had more agents instead of just one. Other than that it’s a great company.
- Maxie Cohen

I will NEVER use them again. It takes them a few hours to give you a loan if approved, but when they take advantage of you and take more of your money than they should!
- John Williams

1 star for the crazy interest.
- John Long

Said they put $600 in my account and never did. I think is a scam!!! Worried about my personal details i geve to them. i wish they would FINISH THEIR JOB: BEWARE!!
- Jane Thomas

the manager really helped me and he was so patient and understanding. I am very satisfied with the service I received.
- Charles Hodges

Sometimes take little bit longer to get money. It all depends on the agent. They are of great help sometimes and other times they are sooooo slow….
- Michele Whalen

I borrowed $200 and I would have to pay nearly $500!! Need a loan for emergency expenses so, I’m paying it back!! If I weren’t in a tough financial situation I would not do it.
- Karen Jones

This is a company that is legitimate 100%. They were also extremely helpful and caring. Appreciate that!! Couldn’t have done it.
- Nathaniel Brown

Cash Factory USA. They say I had been accepted, they then say we want more information. I went for, three days now until approved for only $250. Knowing I need a bit more because I have sick children and need to buy expensive meds. Very disappointed at the company
- Ralph Rollins

Can’t explain how CashFactory has been a really fantastic assistant to me with everything I requested. They are a perfect institution to use. I would recommend this company and return whenever I need extra cash. Recommend them.”
- Amy Bateman

If you need cash quickly Cash Factory USA may offer you cash. But. Know you’ll be paying back huge interest. I. Took a 200. Paid rear $380. So unless you need it do it.
- Christine Jackson

Customer service is awesome. Only problem I notice is that the loan amount changes after approval. I was approved for $800 and signed that amount with contract but obtained only $600.
- Josiah Mendoza

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